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Nursing Care
Introducing Kuwait's first multidisciplinary team approach in homecare nursing


Our multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals works together to support your loved ones’ rehabilitation after an illness, injury, hospital stay, or surgery, or to help manage their medical condition with the goal of preventing unnecessary hospitalization. Our holistic homecare services include:

Nursing Care

Our nursing care services ensure that your loved ones’ medical needs are addressed at home with high quality and one-on-one medical support and attention without the need for hospitalization. We also offer specialized care for patients with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer's, and more.

Call us now on 96064155 and have a free evaluation with our Home Health Manager to help us better understand your condition and current requirements.

Mobility assistance

Our skilled nurses encourage you to stay active, keep engaged, and support you in your everyday activities by designing specific mobility solutions with the help of our expert physiotherapist, which will make you acquire confidence and independence.

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Personal hygiene is an essential part of feeling well, but as one ages, basic hygiene can become a challenge. Our caregivers can discreetly assist with:
• Bathing
• Bed baths
• Shower assistance
• Grooming
• Dressing
• Oral care
• Bathroom and incontinence assistance

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Our skilled nutritionists plan meals that match your loved ones' particular dietary needs, and our nurses ensure proper implementation by providing daily coaching and assisting patients who have difficulty feeding themselves. Additionally, our speech and occupational therapists might be contacted based on the case for optimal management.

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Medication management

Our qualified nurses are vigilant guardians of your loved one's health, meticulously ensuring on time and accurate medication administration for optimal well-being at home. They become trusted partners in your loved one's care, ensuring their well-being at home.

Our journey starts with a thorough assessment. We meticulously compare prescribed medications with current ones, proactively preventing potential errors. We do not stop there. We closely monitor medication effects, vigilantly reporting any adverse reactions or side effects.

However, our role extends even further. We empower patients and families through comprehensive medication education. We explain the purpose of each medication, potential side effects, and proper administration techniques, fostering understanding and promoting informed decisions.

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Diabetes management

Our nurses provide crucial support in controlling your diabetic patient's condition, enabling them to live a healthier life.

They assist your loved one in improving his glucose control by regularly measuring blood sugar levels and changing medication or diet as necessary as prescribed by your doctor allowing early detection and treatment of complications that can lead to serious health concerns.

They empower your patient to live as active and independently as possible.

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Ostomy colostomy care

Our empathetic nurses address your concerns regarding your ostomy and provide you with counsel that includes pouch management, skin care and preventative diets to promote healthy digestion, as well as cooperate with your doctor for more effective management.

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Oxygen therapy, oral suctioning

Our home nurses play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and well-being of patients receiving oxygen therapy, oral suctioning, or tracheostomy care in a home setting.

They assess your patient's respiratory status, including vital signs, oxygen saturation levels, and overall respiratory effort and they work closely with your patient‘s physician to implement the prescribed care plan and provide ongoing support and education to you and your loved one.

They are vigilant, compassionate, and well trained to handle potential complications and emergencies.

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Enteral nutrition/tube feeding

Our dedicated caregivers provide high-quality feeding management in the comfort of your own home. They are trained in proper tube placement, safe and efficient administration of tube feeding, following protocols and hygiene guidelines.

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Balance exercises

Our nurses play a significant role in promoting and facilitating balance exercises for your loved one who may be at risk of falls or has balance issues. Proper balance exercises can help improve stability, strength, and coordination, reducing the risk of falls and enhancing overall mobility. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of the patient's balance and mobility to identify the challenges and areas of improvement

We collaborate with our physical therapists and occupational therapist to develop an individualized exercise plan tailored to your patient’s specific needs, taking into account the past medical history and the current physical condition.

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Fall prevention

As part of our initial assessment, our home care manager will identify fall risks in your home environment and develop a personalized nursing care plan to mitigate them. She will also ensure that medications are taken properly to avoid side effects that could increase fall risk.

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Post Hospitalization Support

Our caring nurse will assist you in your transition to home and optimal recovery after hospital discharge by assuring correct medical management and rehabilitation in the comfort of your own house through our 24/7 nursing care support.

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Post-surgical recovery

Elevate your post-surgical recovery experience with our specialized home nursing care. Our dedicated team ensures personalized support, expert medical attention, and compassionate assistance, guiding you through a seamless recovery journey in the comfort of your own home

They will be by your side to guarantee correct wound care, medication management, pain management, and drain and catheter maintenance and monitoring, all of which will reduce the risk of infection and complications.

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Wound care

Providing proper wound management at home is crucial for promoting healing and preventing complications and hospital visits.

Our nurses are committed to ensure reliable care for various types of wounds, including surgical wounds, open wounds, bedsores, and diabetic foot ulcers…

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Our home nebulization allows you to receive respiratory treatments in the comfort of your own home.  It is quick and effective procedure to decrease your sudden worsening respiratory syndrome .We will support you here during this episode to monitor your respiratory symptoms to decrease any aggravation, reducing the chance of hospitalization. This is particularly beneficial for your patient who may have difficulty traveling to healthcare facilities.

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Catheter insertion

Experience the convenience of urinary catheter insertion at home, eliminating the need to transport your bedridden patient with our aseptic technique and expert home care services.

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Blood draw
Stroke rehabilitation

We understand that the journey to recovery following a stroke is a significant transition in a patient's life and it is a multifaceted process.

Embark on a transformative journey of stroke rehabilitation with our integrative home nursing. Our dedicated team provides a holistic approach, seamlessly blending physical, medical, and emotional support to guide you through the profound changes after a stroke.

They undergo comprehensive training by our multidisciplinary team. Together, they bring numerous area of expertise, ensuring seamless and effective care to support your journey toward recovery.

We are committed providing you a personalized therapy because we believe in creating a happy and encouraging environment that promotes mental well-being throughout the rehabilitation program.

Comprehensive Assessment:
Our experienced home health manager conducts a thorough assessment to understand the specific needs and challenges of each stroke patient. This assessment forms the basis of a personalized care plan tailored to promote recovery and enhance overall well-being.

Physical Rehabilitation:
Our trained nurse work closely with our skilled therapists to develop and implement targeted physical rehabilitation exercises. These exercises are designed to improve strength, mobility, and coordination, helping stroke survivors regain independence and enhance their quality of life.

Medication Management:
Our home nursing professionals provide diligent medication management, coordinating with healthcare providers to optimize medication plans and prevent complications.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assistance:
Our nurses offer assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to make daily routines more manageable for stroke survivors.

Speech and Language Therapy:
Our home nursing team works with our speech therapists to develop speech exercises and procedures that improve communication skills and provide instruction on safe swallowing practices.

Regular Monitoring and Communication:
Our home health manager is committed to visit your patient on weekly basis to maintain a continuous communication with you and your physician to ensure that the care plan is dynamic and responsive to evolving needs.

Call us now on 96064155 and have a free evaluation with our Home Health Manager to help us better understand your condition and current requirements.

Parkinson and dementia program

We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals and families dealing with Parkinson's disease and dementia. Our home nursing services are tailored to provide comprehensive and compassionate care, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of these conditions.

Personalized Care Plans:
Our dedicated team of home nursing professionals creates individualized care plans, considering the specific needs and challenges associated with Parkinson's and dementia. These plans are designed to enhance the quality of life for our clients while focusing on maintaining independence and dignity.

Physical Support and Exercise Programs:
Our home nursing experts work closely with individuals to develop and implement tailored physical exercise programs. These programs aim to improve mobility, flexibility, and strength, addressing the unique motor challenges associated with Parkinson's disease and supporting cognitive function for those with dementia.

Medication Management:
We understand the importance of proper medication management for individuals with Parkinson's and dementia. Our skilled nurses ensure strict adherence to medication schedules, monitoring for any side effects, and collaborating with healthcare professionals to optimize medication plans.

Cognitive Stimulation Activities:
For individuals with dementia, cognitive stimulation is crucial. Our caregivers engage clients in activities designed to enhance cognitive function, memory retention, and overall mental well-being. These activities are personalized to each individual's interests and cognitive abilities.

Emotional and Social Support:
Dealing with Parkinson's or dementia can be emotionally challenging for both individuals and their families. Our home nursing team provides emotional support, offering a compassionate and understanding environment. We also facilitate social interaction to reduce isolation and improve the overall mental health of our clients.

Regular Monitoring and Communication:
Continuous monitoring is a key component of our program. We keep open lines of communication with your healthcare professionals, family members to ensure that care plans are regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed.

• Memory Care:
Our home care services provide person-centered care for individuals living with memory problems, cognitive impairment, or behavioral issues resulting from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

People with memory challenges, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), or more advanced dementia do better living in a familiar environment, even as their disease progresses. They are happier, less agitated, and better able to maintain their quality of life in a place they know and love. Our team of nursing , psychologist and rehabilitation works closely with family caregivers to develop personalized care plans that cater to their loved ones specific needs.

Our Parkinson's and Dementia Care Program is more than just a service;

We commit improving the lives of your loved one affected by these conditions.

We are here to support you and your loved one during this journey to enhance well-being, comfort, and support in the familiar surroundings of home.

Call us now on 96064155 and have a free evaluation with our Home Health Manager to help us better understand your condition and current requirements.

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